We’re the experts in pet shipping, so you don’t have to be.

Domestic relocation can be challenging to navigate, especially when pet restrictions vary between your starting point and destination. At Tailwind Global Pet, we specialize in long-distance travel and moves for pet owners seeking personalized pet relocation services.

What Sets Us Apart

We’re not like other pet shippers. Our pet transport company is small and family-owned with the expertise required to ensure seamless, stress-free travel for your pets domestically and abroad.

We understand that pets are family and that getting them to their new home safely is a priority when you’re moving. They’re our priority, too! We’ve worked with thousands of pet owners relocating to new cities, military families navigating quick moves with pets, and pets embarking on long-term domestic travel.

We’re here to ensure that your pets are cared for every step of the way. If LAX airport is part of your plans, we can even add a relaxing rest stop for your pet at our first-class boarding facility, Kennel Club LAX. With us, every pet is precious cargo.

Here’s How It Works

Traveling domestically may sound easy for us, but it can become overwhelming when pets are involved. When you need to relocate your pet for a move or trip that’s just far enough to cause you stress, we offer personalized services to ensure your pet’s safety every step of the way.

We book the best route.

The most efficient way to get your pet to its destination is often the safest. We can help you get your pet on a flight that minimizes flight time or builds in layovers as needed. We also consider weather conditions at departure and arrival locations to avoid pet travel in extreme temperatures. 

Domestic pet travel should be booked well in advance, as airlines have limited space for pets. We handle all of that for you to make sure your pet is on the best flight for their needs and doesn’t encounter any issues at the airport.

We handle the health certificates.

Pets flying domestically need a health certificate dated within 10 days of their departure and an updated rabies certificate. Our in-house, state-licensed, USDA-accredited veterinarian can help ensure that your pet is healthy enough to fly and has everything they need to meet travel requirements.

That includes additional airline-specific vaccinations you may not have considered, microchips, and visible identification tags on your pet and their crate.

We supply the right crates.

Pets must travel in an IATA-compliant crate to meet airline requirements. For pets in cargo, we offer sturdy, well-ventilated crates for all pet sizes and breeds to ensure a comfortable journey. We cover airline-specific rules about crates to make sure pets are compliant on the day of their trip.

All of our crates come with the accessories needed for your pet’s flight, including hardware, bedding, and relevant live animal labels. We also provide custom-built CR82 crates for breeds that require it. If you’re not sure about crate requirements for your pet, we can help.

We get pets checked in.

At Tailwind Global Pet, we’ve helped thousands of pets travel in manifest cargo for over 40 years. That kind of experience means we know how to navigate everything that can go wrong with air travel, including flight delays and lengthy check-in processes. Let us take that stress off your shoulders.

We take care of getting your pets to the airport with the right amount of time for check-in. We make sure they’re dropped off where they need to be. If they’re flying through LAX, we can personally handle each case. Your pets are our priority.

We offer first-class boarding.

Pets traveling through LAX in need of a layover during any point of their journey can take advantage of Kennel Club LAX, our boarding facility conveniently located near the airport. Your pet will get first-class service and a relaxing rest stop on top of a vet wellness check if they need it. 

If you’re feeling anxious that you’re missing something ahead of your pet’s trip, we can go through a final check of health and airline requirements at our boarding facility.

We offer options for pets who can’t fly.

If your pet is unable to fly due to their age, breed, health, temperament, or other reasons, we can arrange ground transport to get them safely to their destination. If you’re not sure whether your pet is safe to fly, our in-house veterinarian can offer clearance and advice.

We work with all breeds and temperaments, including brachycephalic dogs and anxious pets. Contact us for more information on getting your pet to your destination safely.

We help you prep your pet.

Preparing your pet for travel is important. We’ve worked with many pet owners worried about how their anxious pet will react to flying. We can provide tips on helping your pet get used to their crate before the trip, ways to comfort your pet during the journey, and things to do the day of travel.

We’re here for pets door-to-door.

We offer door-to-door service options to get pets to and from the airport as needed. This takes the stress off of you to remember everything you need to do the day of travel. It also allows you to prep your pet’s new home for their arrival. We can cover everything in between.

Pet Shipping Across North America

We have over 40 years of experience in helping pets travel to over 65 countries. That includes travel throughout North America, where restrictions can vary by country, territory, and even state-by-state. If you have questions about pet logistics to your destination, contact us. 

We’ve helped both military and non-military families move with their pets to more complex destinations throughout North America, like Hawaii and Puerto Rico. You can rest assured that we’ll handle any paperwork, including entry permits, to get your pet reunited with you safely.

If you’re traveling through Los Angeles International Airport, our Kennel Club LAX facility gives you the option of a high-quality rest stop for your pets to or from their final destination.

Your Pet Is In Good Hands!

We offer VIP care for your pets from pick-up until the moment they’re reunited with you. As members of both the Animal Transportation Association and the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), we have the expertise to handle even the most complicated travel itineraries. We’re licensed, insured, and vetted as a pet shipper you can trust.

Domestic pet relocation sounds simpler than travel abroad, but multi-stop itineraries, territory- or state-specific regulations, and weather considerations can complicate the process.

Whether you’re traveling to Texas or Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Guam, our goal isn’t just to help you navigate pet travel. It’s to take it off your hands to ensure a safe, hassle-free move for your pet.

Become part of a community of thousands who have trusted us to transport their pets.

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Andre V.
February 27, 2024

Perfect in every sense

Ozzy our son’s French bulldog travelled from LA to Quebec City Canada with Tailwind.

Alex was responsible for the trip and we give him a 100% note.

From the start he was professional and showed deep concerns about the safety of Ozzy.

He helped us get everything needed from vaccins to ground transportation.

During every hour of the trip they send us photos of Ozzy in the different locations he was.

Gracey M.
August 20, 2023

Last minute saviors

Kim and her staff are wonderful true professionals. I had arrangements to ship my two boys (dogs) to California from Guam. At the last minute, my family could not pick them up as they were arriving in LAX late at night. This happened over the weekend and the staff put me in contact with Kim, as I was in a time crunch. She was able to get my boys scheduled for pick-up from the airport and boarded for the evening. This was a huge life saver, I’m extremely happy I used Tailwind. My boys arrived refreshed happy and healthy. Thank you Tailwind!

Luiza M.
November 8, 2022

Excellent service! Above and beyond!

Moving is not easy and trusting other people with my dog is definitely a challenge for me. Brady gave us peace of mind when everything else was so stressful. My dog Nala is a big Rottweiler and we left a small town in Florida to go all the way to Hawaii. The airline we traveled with gave us a really hard time with misinformation and not doing their job correctly so we scheduled for Nala to stay overnight in L.A. very last minute. We were so worried and stressed because Nala was gonna spend more than 2 days without seeing us and everyone from the airline was so scared of her just because of her breed. When she was in L.A. our airline sent us an email changing her flight and we started panicking because we had less than an hour to figure everything out before getting in our other flight but Brady helped us SO MUCH confirming that she was there, that she was ok and still scheduled for the first flight, he went above and beyond to show us that she was fine and being well cared for. We REALLY appreciate Brady and how he helped us. I’m so glad there’s people that take care of our doggies like this service. 100% recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of pet shipping services domestically can vary considerably. Your travel route, airline requirements, pet size and breed, crates, and any pet health needs all factor into total pet shipping pricing.

In general, domestic travel is less expensive than international pet relocation. Our pet shipping company can come up with a personalized quote for you to give you a better estimate of what to expect.

Yes! We can offer pet transportation services and animal transport for exotic pets, many of which require additional paperwork. Please fill out a quote form for more information.

If your pet meets certain size requirements, it may be able to travel with you in the cabin. You can also arrange for your pet to travel in cargo with you on the same flight. On itineraries with several connections, arranging a more direct route in cargo is likely better for your pet’s needs and well-being.

Professional pet movers like us can help you decide on the best option for your pet, even if it is anxious. That includes finding the shortest, safest route to its destination.

Pets traveling throughout the United States need a health certificate from a veterinarian within a 10-day timeframe of their departure, proof of up-to-date vaccinations, and an airline-approved crate. Pets must be booked on flights well in advance. Specific breeds may face additional restrictions. American Airlines requires all pets to have a Breed Verification form signed by a vet.

If your pet is unable to fly due to age, health, breed, or other reasons, ground transport may be an option for your pet move. Please fill out a quote form for more information about ground transportation services we offer when pets aren’t eligible for air transport.

  • Temperature (heat, cold): A pet cannot travel if the outside temperature is over 85 degrees two hours before/after the departing/arriving flight. If it is under 45 degrees, a letter of acclimation is required.
  • Travel Kennel Size: The narrow-body aircraft (the most common type domestically) can only handle kennels 36” long (400-series) or smaller. The pet must be able to comfortably stand up and turn around in the crate with at least 2” clearance.
  • Operating hours of the specific airline’s cargo office at the destination airport.

Let us arrange your pet’s travel so you can get back to planning yours.