We’re the experts in pet shipping, so you don’t have to be.

International moves are stressful enough without worrying about the well-being of your pets during the process. At Tailwind Global Pet, we’re ready to take that burden off your plate with our personalized, door-to-door international pet transport services.

How We’re Different

We’re a small, family-owned team dedicated to worry-free international pet shipping from start to finish. Unlike some pet movers, we personally handle all pets traveling via LAX and pride ourselves on 24/7/365 availability.

Our white-glove service keeps trips stress-free for pets and their owners. We communicate directly with you throughout the process, sharing photos and status updates. With us, you’ll never feel like just another customer.

That’s why thousands of pet owners have trusted us with their most precious cargo since 1983. Our unique boarding facility, Kennel Club LAX, located near LAX airport, ensures your pet gets first-class service and the opportunity for a relaxing rest stop.

pet owner happily reuniting with his dog after international flights

Here’s How It Works

Your pet’s safety is our top priority, and we handle every detail with care. Our process is highly personalized, but no matter where you need us in your pet moving plans, we’re here to give you that peace of mind during their international relocation.

We plan your itinerary.

We can help get your pet on the right flight for their needs and comfort. That means minimizing flight times, scheduling layovers for longer flights, and timing travel when it’s safest for pets to fly.

If you’re worried about whether your pet is safe to fly, contact us. We’ve worked with all different breeds and temperaments — everything from snub-nosed breeds to shy and anxious dogs.

We cover the paperwork.

We handle any paperwork required by the airline and destination country, whether your pet is traveling from the US, arriving here, or just passing through. This includes health certificates from accredited vets, USDA endorsements, ensuring ISO-compliant microchips and quarantine requirements.

If your pet needs additional vaccinations (e.g., rabies, canine influenza), parasite treatments, or blood tests before travel, we have an in-house, state-licensed, USDA-accredited veterinarian to get your pet up-to-date.

We provide the right crates.

You don’t want to get all the way to the airport to find that your pet’s travel kennel isn’t approved for air travel. We offer IATA-compliant crates for all pet sizes and breeds to meet airline requirements.

All crates come with the hardware, bedding, pads, and other accessories needed for a comfortable flight. We also provide custom-built CR82 crates for breeds that require it.

We can pick up your pet. 

We offer complete door-to-door service options for your pets. We can pick up at your home, ensure your pet gets to their flight, and arrange for delivery to their final destination when they arrive. You won’t have to worry about flight schedules or times; we’ve got it covered.

We offer first-class boarding.

We operate a state-of-the-art pet hotel, Kennel Club LAX, located near the Los Angeles Airport. If your pet’s itinerary takes them through LAX, they’ll enjoy the perfect place to rest and relax before or after their flight.

During their stay, we can do a vet wellness-check as well, confirming all paperwork required to ensure you’re reunited with your pet as efficiently as possible. We can also arrange boarding that may be necessary during any leg of their journey.

We get your pet on the plane.

International pet travel is best for your pets when they fly in the temperature-controlled hold of the aircraft as manifested cargo. While it is sometimes possible to fly in-cabin, it is frequently more stressful and less comfortable. Flight delays, other passengers, and being stuck in a smaller carrier under the seat make in-cabin travel much less appealing.

We know air transport sounds stressful, but we’ve helped pets travel via manifested cargo for over 40 years. We take care of the burden of getting your pet to the airport for on-time check-in with the airline and include photo and email updates along the way.

We help with customs clearance.

Take advantage of our in-house customs broker to get your pet through customs clearance without any hassles, when you arrive anywhere in the USA — especially if you’re traveling from a country with a higher rabies risk.

If you’re arriving in Los Angeles, we can help you navigate pet import and quarantine requirements at our authorized boarding facility. This isn’t something you get with most pet transport companies. For flights arriving in other destinations, we’ll ensure you successfully navigate all the import and quarantine requirements for a smooth landing.

We’ll see you at your destination. 

Once your pet has cleared customs and met any necessary quarantine requirements, our pet shipping services can include ground transportation to its new home. This is ideal for larger pets that can be challenging to move. We’re here for every step of your pet’s journey.

Worldwide Pet Shipping

With over 40 years of experience, we’ve helped pets travel to over 65 countries that include Australia, Canada, Tahiti, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other destinations throughout Europe. If you have any questions about pet logistics to your destination country, contact us.

Our location near Los Angeles International Airport and our Kennel Club LAX facility makes us an easy choice for pet owners who route through Los Angeles.

We can reunite you with your furry family member anywhere in the world with support every step of the way.

Your Pet Is Safe With Us!

As members of both the Animal Transportation Association and the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), we’re experts in pet transport — so you don’t have to be. Being an IPATA member means we’re licensed, insured, and vetted as one of the best pet shippers in the business!

International pet relocation can feel daunting when you get started. That’s why our goal is to eliminate the stress from the process by taking the complex logistics out of your hands. We take any concerns you may have seriously to reduce your stress and make your move as easy as possible for you and your pet. 

Join thousands of other pet owners who have trusted us to transport their pets.

Read What Our Customers Say

Jennie H.
January 1, 2024

Brady and the Tailwind crew are the BEST – Dogs to Australia

We got caught up with the change in quarantine rules for rabies in Australia. It took us over a year to get our two dogs imported there, but Brady was with us all the way. He provided great advice and was always there in support. He was also very flexible with what we wanted to take care of, and what Tailwind could help us with. We so appreciated his sending us photos of the dogs on their way to the airport; knowing that they were in safe hands and being taken care of was greatly reassuring. Cannot recommend them more highly.

Andre V.
February 27, 2024

Perfect in every sense

Ozzy our son’s French bulldog travelled from LA to Quebec City Canada with Tailwind.

Alex was responsible for the trip and we give him a 100% note.

From the start he was professional and showed deep concerns about the safety of Ozzy.

He helped us get everything needed from vaccins to ground transportation.

During every hour of the trip they send us photos of Ozzy in the different locations he was.

Andrew H.
April 29, 2024

Excellent service

We recently moved from San Francisco to Amsterdam with our two cats (Bubble & Squeak). Tailwind were excellent from start to finish, walked us through the whole process, answered all of our questions in a timely fashion. Helped prepare the documentation before hand and day of transport took care of everything. The cats arrived safe, healthy and in perfect condition. Overall service was excellent and highly recommend anyone exploring international pet transport to use them. Great job Tailwind!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Because every pet’s journey is personalized to your needs (and theirs), we are unable to provide costs without reviewing exactly what will be required. International pet shipping costs vary significantly by departure and arrival destination, pet size and breed, health certificate needs, crates, and much more.

The cheapest way to ship a pet is to book your pet’s air travel on your own through the airline. But it is not the safest, and we’ve seen many things go wrong that delay or prevent pets from reaching their destination. In many cases of international pet transport, you won’t even be able to book on your own due to government regulations.

A professional pet shipping company is the best way to ensure your pets meet any and all requirements to fly and safely get to their final destination.

Each airline has unique requirements and associated costs for pet travel. Some airlines don’t allow pets in-cabin at all. Pet transport costs generally vary depending on the type of pet, weight, and crate size. Extra costs include vaccinations, crate costs, and certification fees.

Pets traveling to countries that require mandatory quarantine will be more expensive to fly due to boarding fees.

Yes! It can feel overwhelming for many pet parents, but it’s often safer for your pet to travel in cargo than to try transporting them in-cabin with you. Not only does it allow for much shorter flight times, but the regulations are far more strict to ensure the safety of animals in the cargo hold.

If you’re concerned about your pet having anxiety about this, make sure to talk with a pet travel professional. It’s important to never sedate your pet before travel. We’d love to talk you through exactly what they will experience and what you can expect.

The right travel crate for your pet depends on its size, weight, breed, and specific airline limitations. It needs to be large enough for your pet to stand and turn around. Some airlines require that you demonstrate this at check-in. Certain breeds may require custom crates.

Let us arrange your pet’s travel so you can get back to planning yours.