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5 out of 5 stars (based on 31 reviews)
Felix K.
April 9, 2023

Amazing Service without the BS.

After self managing my own export I just needed to get my dog on the last leg to Australia. I’d been screwed over by 2 other companies trying to charge me almost 9k for boarding, USDA vet visit and a trip to the airport (this didn’t even include the airfare) after I’d done all the hard work of getting the permits and booking Quarantine.

Brady ran into my friend after we booked the kennel club and in minutes saw what was needed and had it sorted for half the price. This also included her second to last vet visit and second flu vax as well as an airfare and no stress (which wasn’t in either of the 9k quotes and I was still having to organise those from Australia)!

The in house vet visits saved me so much stress (and money) and I didn’t have to organise anything more other than leave it with Brady

I was able to set and forget My girls last part of the journey to Australia. Can’t say think you enough for your professionalism and no bulls**t approach that saved me so much stress and money.

Davidson S.
March 19, 2023

best team ever, Brady is absolutely the best.


i dont ever leave reviews but wasn’t. simple to bring. HABIBI from China to Miami .

Brady and his team make it happen.

they are Most reliable people, i meet for long time.

gods bless them. i will give them 10 from five……………………….

can 1000% trust their word.

Annette D.
February 6, 2023

Great job!

We have imported several dogs from Taiwan. Brady has done an excellent job for us each time. Thank you!

Ruud S.
February 4, 2023

Great service, a joy to work with

We arranged the transport of our dog Watson to Australia through Tailwind Global Pet. They did an outstanding job! We dealt with Brady, who was wonderful to work with. He was always there for us to answer any questions we had, even on his days off, and he made sure that everything went smoothly. Their prices are also very competitive, so if we ever need to move our dog again, we won’t look any further than Tailwind Global Pet.

Tom R.
January 16, 2023

Excellent Service and Coordination!

We don’t have words to express how grateful we all the effort and the amazing work Brady and the team did to help us bringing Luna to Australia. We could not do it without your help and we don’t regret having chosen this company – it was definitely the best decision. We are super grateful to Brady, he is an amazing and very professional person. He was super attentive in terms of sending us updates about Luna. We are recommending your company because we think you are the best if you want to relocate your pet. After moving from LA to Australia, Luna has been a super active and happy cat. Thanks again for everything!

Bea R.
January 16, 2023

Process Costa Rica- Australia (NSW).

We don’t have words to grateful all the effort and the amazing work you did during all this time to help us bringing Luna from Costa Rica to Australia. We could not do it without your help and we don’t regret have choice your company, definitely was the best decision. Super grateful with Brady, he is an amazing and very professional person, he all time was super attentive and sending us updates about Luna. Thank you very much for all you team. We are recommending your company because we think you are the best to trust a process very delicate and demanding a lot of professionalism. The reason is clear, you cannot truest your family in inexpert hands and the price is worthit for all you did for her. Our little Luna es eating a lot she is super active and happy cat. Thanks for everything, and for all follow up during this time. Wishing you have a blessed 2023.

Cecylia J.
November 14, 2022

The only place we trust with our cat!

Our flight to LA was delayed so the boarding location we had planned on using had already closed by the time we landed. I called Kennel Club and they was able to accommodate her immediately even though our cat had never stayed with them before. When I arrived to drop her off, they let me choose her kennel, which was in a really quiet area of the building. The facility itself is extremely clean. This took a huge amount of stress off of me during an extremely stressful travel day and I really appreciated the photos I received of my cat (which I wasn’t expecting!) cozy in a blanket in her kennel, looking super relaxed after being stressed from her first time flying. I will definitely be using Kennel Club again in the future and am so grateful for their last-minute help and peace of mind.

Deborah R.
November 9, 2022

Brady USA to Australia

Brady went above and beyond to help us with a difficult issue we had to resolve when exporting our three dogs from USA to Australia! He is not only extremely personable but efficient. Thank you so much

Luiza M.
November 8, 2022

Excellent service! Above and beyond!

Moving is not easy and trusting other people with my dog is definitely a challenge for me. Brady gave us peace of mind when everything else was so stressful. My dog Nala is a big Rottweiler and we left a small town in Florida to go all the way to Hawaii. The airline we traveled with gave us a really hard time with misinformation and not doing their job correctly so we scheduled for Nala to stay overnight in L.A. very last minute. We were so worried and stressed because Nala was gonna spend more than 2 days without seeing us and everyone from the airline was so scared of her just because of her breed. When she was in L.A. our airline sent us an email changing her flight and we started panicking because we had less than an hour to figure everything out before getting in our other flight but Brady helped us SO MUCH confirming that she was there, that she was ok and still scheduled for the first flight, he went above and beyond to show us that she was fine and being well cared for. We REALLY appreciate Brady and how he helped us. I’m so glad there’s people that take care of our doggies like this service. 100% recommend!

Lisa P.
October 28, 2022

Above and Beyond…..

Our dog came internationally. This was our first experience and Brady was on top of all of the needed paperwork to ensure a smooth transition. We traveled 16 hours to pick her up and LAX and Brady coordinated her vet appointment and processed all needed paperwork so that we could return home with her as soon as possible. Thank you!!